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· The Rules
· The FAQ


1. Please, please, please keep OOC drama where it belongs - NOT in the RP. If you have a problem with another player, take it up with them personally before talking to a mod. The mod should be the very last resort if problems can't be resolved. Don't wank on an RP Secrets board, and don't gang up on the person with your friends. Keep it civil, and keep it just between you two. Thank you. ♥

2. No godmodding. Make sure to clarify things with the other player before doing anything that might be considered a violation of this rule. Give everyone a fair chance to play! If neither of you can agree who wins a fight or a contest, the mod will flip a coin.

3. Stay IC. Even if your character lost something that could be vital to his/her personality, keep them IC. Itachi would not skip through a meadow with Kisame, and Orihime would not become an angry bitchy gang member. So don't do it.

4. Be nice to everyone. Even if your character's a jerk, you should still respect others OOCly. Flames and the like will get you kicked. Permanently.

5. Stay under or at the character limit. If you are a new player, you may app up to 2 characters. Stay active for a month and you may take up to 6 characters.

6. Alts. Your characters should not interact directly with one another. You may app up to three characters in any one source, but a two-week wait between each application is required.

7. Think of the children. If you're posting mature content, especially in the logs community, MAKE SURE YOU PUT A BIG SHINY WARNING. It's the considerate thing to do. ♥

8. Keep canon in mind. Even if your character forgets their super special awesome best friend, you still need to respect that there is a relationship there, even if you hate the character.

9. Make sure to interact with everyone. We don't need no fandom cliques~~ But seriously, this is a multi-fandom RP. Let's keep it that way.

10. NO OCs. Even if you submit an application for one, it will be denied. So please don't do it. For the sake of the sanity of your lovely mods.

11. Yaoi, Yuri, and Het is allowed, but please try to stay as close to canon as possible. Of course, a character that has already spend some time in Adaugeo, met people, made some experiences and such might undergo some character development. That's totally fine. But a character, that in canon hasn't been into men won't show up in Adaugeo and suddenly think 'Hey. I think I'm into men now!' - Let's at least make this reasonable, won't we?

Additionally, do not make mature-content posts the focus of your character's interactions. Adaugeo is not a porn game.

12. Wishes. If your character is lucky enough to collect all four charms and makes a wish relating to another character, please make sure you have that character's OOC permission before proceeding.

13. ???

14. PROFIT. ... and have fun, while you're at it. ♥


The Adaugeo World
· Character Adjustments
· Living Concerns
· Character Specifics
· Miscellaneous


What's the deal with the four segments?
Ver {Spring} · Estas {Summer} · Autumnus {Autumn | Fall} · Hiberna {Winter}
There's one segment for each season, and then there's Zero Hour. Each segment will always have the weather for that particular season - for example, in the Ver segment, it will always be springtime. In the Hiberna segment, it will always be wintertime. Each segment is guarded by a spirit of an element pertaining to the season.

What's this about spirits guarding the segments?
Ver {Vre} · Estas {Staste} · Autumnus {Numausta} · Hiberna {Biheran}
Each spirit has a specific spirit guarding it. The spirits will wander around the segments pretty much aimlessly. Characters may talk to the spirits - they will answer most of the questions the characters might have, whether it be directions or what the meaning of life is. The spirits will also offer up opportunities for quests to get money (see jobs for other ways to earn money). In addition, the spirits will also grant wishes if you've collected all four pieces of the bracelet.

About those sectors—are they physically divided at all? Or is there some kind of magical barrier/wall that only the trains can pass through?
There are actual physical walls between the segments, but there are underground tunnels you can take the subway through to get to the other segments.

So how exactly do I go about asking and talking with the spirits? Do I start up a log about my character looking for/being found by the spirit? Or make an entry in the main community along the lines of "Hay, wut up yo, G-Spiritz!"
You would make an entry asking for them. Although it's possible to encounter them while walking around and all, they prefer talking over the communicators~ (And it also ensures immediate responses.)

What kind of technology does Adaugeo have?
They have pretty much everything that modern Earth does, including electricity and pretty much everything you could use with that like refrigerators, microwaves, etc. The only things that Adaugeo does not have that most places would is televisions and fictional books. Libraries are filled with non-fiction only, and televisions are non-existent. If a character attempts to make a television, it will not work. The screen will simply show static, since there are no television stations in Adaugeo.

How exactly do the communication devices work? What do they look like? Are they like cell phones? Do they have keyboards?
Basically, the communicators look a little like palm pilot computers. (Only there's no Solitaire and they don't run on batteries.) They have an option for an on-screen keyboard so you can type, or you can choose to write into it. There's also an option that will record your voice so other people can listen, and it'll play back other people's, obviously. You can draw pictures when writing. They also have a built in camera, so if your character is familiar with that technology then they'll be able to take pictures and video. Any pictures may be posted or you can also just make a post describing what's in the photo, assuming you can't get a screencap of it or Photoshop it. Like, say I wanted to post a picture of Naruto and Sakura drinking soda at a cafe, then I would post -

{A photo of Naruto and Sakura, drinking soda at a cafe. (Insert details here.)}

If someone has responded to your communicator once and told you who they were, would they have to tell you in future logs? Or would you just recognize them from that point on?
Nope! Your character would simply know from then on who it is.

What are the apartments in each segment like?
They are all fairly nice but plainly decorated, and they come with all the furniture and appliances your character might need. (Usually this would mean a refrigerator, microwave, oven, sink, toilet, shower/bathtub, couch, bed, appropriate lighting.)

Are characters allowed to move out of their segment and into another?
Yes, characters are free to move whenever they want. When they move out of their apartment, everything will be restocked if someone else wants to take it, and they can just as easily move in to a new one. They will, however, have to ask the spirits for a new apartment key (by posting an update note on
these two lists). ♥ They won't have to pay any price for the new key. Furthermore, characters may take up jobs in other sectors if they wish to commute.

If my character gets his hands on a spaceship, would he be able to leave the planet and get back to his own world that way?
Yes. That happened once, actually. But getting this done is a difficult stunt to pull off and your character is in for a surprise he might not be able to handle. The first obstacle he would have to master is the barrier around the city itself. During the last escape this barrier was damaged and thus provided a way out. If he makes it out, he will instantly get attacked by the Black Spirits roaming the rest of the world. These feed on emotion and will drain any living being of them within moments, leaving nothing but an empty shell lacking any motivation to go on. The only beings on whom this may not apply might be robots. If your character somehow even manages to get past those, there is outer space. And the question, if your character will even be capable of finding his way back towards his planet.

Let's assume he makes it back. Back to his world. And it still would be there. In fact, everything would still be there - Including your character himself. Everything would be like he had never left. And no one would see him. Hear him. Feel him. Nothing. The only reasonable thing for him to do would be to return to Adaugeo. Because that is the only place he truly exists in.

Wait. Are you telling me, my character isn't the real him?
Well. In a way he is. In another way, he isn't. In fact, the Spirits don't really kidnap anyone from their world. They merely recreate these people. Like some game of copy/paste from one world into their own.

Can my character learn about this ICly?
Yes, he can. There are characters that already know about this. Also, there are ways to find out, as you may have noticed. And how he deals with the news will be different from one character to another. Some might not care too much about it. Other might even despair on the news. But it will remain a fact. And even if they may not be their exact originals, they are still themselves. Themselves set into a new world that needs them.

Eh, okay. Now. About that barrier, and the Black Spirits...
Ah, please go here to learn more about those as well as the Spirits ;)

Well. And how exactly does this world need me - or rather: My character?
Well. As you may have learned from the Story-section, the world of Adaugeo is a world that keeps getting closer to its death. The Black Spirits have destroyed mostly everything on the planet and the only save place left is that one city guarded by the Spirits themselves. Now, in order to bet the planet back, the Spirits need help. Since they draw their power from out of the emotion of the people living on their world, they obviously need people that are willing to fight for them. To help them defend their lives and home. To conquer back what once had been lost to the Black Spirits.

Conquer... Back?
Why, yes. The city we currently have is expandable. But in order for it to grow, it is necessary to take back bits of what is currently held within the destructive claws of the Black Spirits. This isn't easy, yes. But it's not impossible either.

My character isn't exactly a fighter... How can he be helpful?
In every way, of course. This isn't just about doing combat, but also a lot about mental support. It is crucial for characters to work together here. And as we all know, not everyone is a teamplayer either. So there is lots and lots of room for everyone to find their place in this.


Where does my character start?
Your character will start in the 'Zero Hour' segment of Adaugeo. Zero Hour is basically a giant barren desert with ... literally nothing in it. Your character will also start out as a spirit with no body while in Zero Hour. In order to get out, they have to pay a price to gain a body (see the 'Zero Hour Price' section in the application) to use to travel between the other four segments. Once they get out of Zero Hour, though, they won't be allowed to go back in unless they die/the character gets dropped. Once they are in their designated segment, they will get an apartment number and key, a communication device, and a bracelet with instructions attached to it.

What's the bracelet for?
Scattered around Adaugeo are little charms for these bracelets your character will recieve. There's a different type of charm in each segment - for example, the winter segment will have a snowflake charm, the fall segment will have a leaf charm, and so on. These charms are pretty difficult to find, but if your character collects one of each type and puts them on the bracelet, they can ask the spirit of their assigned segment for any kind of wish. (Except to go home. If they ask the spirit that, then they will ask them to make another wish instead. They also cannot kill another character using a wish.)

After paying the Zero Hour price, do the characters remember exactly what they gave up?
Yes and no. They'll generally remember their time in Zero Hour, but depending on the price, they may not specifically remember what gave up.
» Memories of a person or item: They won't remember ever meeting or speaking with that particular person, but they will know that they gave up memories of an important person. The only way they would realize the gap in memory is if someone in their canon mentioned it to them.
» The material item itself: If the character gave up a material object, they will remember having the object in their possession, and they will know they gave it up.

Can he wish his price back?
Absolutely. Though if your character does this himself, he may only renegotiate his price. Meaning: He will have to give up something else. However! If another character sacrifices his wish to get back the price of another character, there is no replacement to be made.

What happens when my character dies?
When a character dies, their spirit remains intact, and their body gets destroyed. Their spirit will be sent back to Zero Hour. At this point, your character will have two options - they can either wait for another character to wish them out (see the question about wishing below) and pay nothing, or they can pay a new price (their old price will still be in effect) to get a new body.

How does my character meet other characters?
Well, all of the characters have their communication devices they can use to talk to people. They will also have neighbors within the apartments in their segment, and they can travel between segments via train or subway or car.

Is it possible for Character A to read another's responses to Character B's post and subsequently comment on it?
Yes, so long as the other responses aren't filtered. Everything is recorded, so it's all a matter of replaying or re-reading it.

What does my character wear after getting his/her body?
What they usually do. There's also a closet with an extra set of plain clothes, but if they wanted more, they'd have to go out and buy them.

Will the characters know other characters from their world when they get there (provided they haven't given them up as a price)?
Yes, as long as they haven't given up their memories of those people, they will still know and recognize them. They will not, however, know people from other series.


Can my character buy new things?
Yes, they can. There are many different types of stores located in each segment (reachable by any kind of transportation, or walking) where they can buy most regular products (grocery, furniture, books, music, art supplies, etc.). They won't have to actually buy food, however - all food is free of charge in Adaugeo.

But how will they pay for that stuff?
There is a money system - characters will use money called pecuni. One pecuni is equivalent to about five US dollars. Your character will start with 200 pecuni ($1000). In order to earn more money, they can go on quests for the spirit of their assigned segment, or they can participate in tournaments if they are able to fight or want to place bet on the characters fighting. And, of course, characters can give money to each other, either out of charity or to pay them for some kind of goods.

Couldn't my character just get a job?
Yes, they can! Your character can get a job pretty much anywhere they want to. However, the salary will be set with no raises, at an undetermined amount. For employment opportunities, please see
this list.

My character is [insert age here] and is therefore still in school. Are there schools in Adaugeo?
Yes, there is one school in Adaugeo. Dr. Franken Stein has opened the Shibusen School in Estas and teaches there. Though only before noon, because the heat of Estas gets too much around that time.


Can I apply for a character from the point after they've died in canon? And if so, when they receive their body back, let's say it has physical evidence of, well anything, like scars—would he/she keep those?
Yes, you can apply for characters that died. As for scars, it depends on the character and what the scar means to them. If the scar is some sort of curse, then it stays. If it's just from a regular wound, then it's up to you whether it goes or stays.

Will the stores in the segments sell blood for drinking? And does blood count as food or is payment needed?
If characters want to get blood, they're either going to have to pay the hospital, steal from the hospital, or attack townspeople. So it could be free, if you really wanted it to.

If my character arrives in Zero Hour with an illness, would they retain that illness when they are given a body?
Yes. ♥ Unless, of course, the illness was something minor like a passing cold or fever. Likewise, if the character in question was maimed or injured to the brink of death, then those injuries would be healed and the tissues/organs regenerated.

Let's say my character's blind or gave up his sight as the Zero Hour price—how would he use the communication devices, or would he have to just not use them at all?
If your character is blind, the communication devices can record sound and can also play it back for you. So, that's how you would communicate :D


Is there a friends console for adding the character journals/comms?
Nope! Adaugeo is community-based, so simply add the comms. All journals will post to
adaugeo to avoid the confusion of adding the other journals.

How do you pronounce Adaugeo, anyway?
Adaugeo [Latin] — Ah-dow-ge-oh or Ah-dah-ji-oh

If we want to play something out in third-person perspective, can we just start a new post and play it out in third-person past-tense?
If you want to do that, then you would set up a log in the logs community. :) There's a little format box in the profile of the logs community that you just copy into a new post. There is no rule that you can only interact through dialogue.

What about [action]-tags?
Action-tags aren't exactly being used here. But again: We have a Log-Community that really loves being used. So if there is anything you want to log out... Just open a log!

Are characters allowed to try to take over various places?
They are definitely allowed to try ... whether or not they succeed would depend a lot of who it is, how many followers they have, and a lot of other factors. If you want to do that, though it's not against the rules or anything, it'd be wise to discuss it with all of the mods first. :)

My character is a summoner, so would it be possible for her to summon the spirits themselves?
Anyone can contact the spirits whenever they want; they just have to make a post. However, if you'd like to have your character summon the spirits, go for it (just as long as they aren't causing destruction 24/7).

So about those language barriers...?
If the characters do nothing to the text, it will be translated so everyone who has a communicator can read it. If he or she only wants people who know [insert language here] to read it, then they can make it so the language is untranslated (and just write a {Language: Chinese} above the untranslated text to indicate what it is). :D

What time-format is being used in Adaugeo?
Well. The game used to be in real-time. But since this has lead to some difficulties, we will now work with the more commonly known freely adjustable time-flow. Or as someone used to say once: Time happens simultaneously.

Can I help the game by promoting it maybe?
Why, yes. Of course. Just spreading the word usually is fine, but in case you have a community that you wish to post to, we also have a promotion-template ready right here.


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